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Dr. Peng’s Cloud Network Platform Debuts CES, Cloud Network to Change the Communications World

News & Events Monday, 09 January 2017 23:01

CES 2017

The 2017 CES took place in Las Vegas from January 5th through 8th. As the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics show of its kind, this year’s CES brought together the best of today’s consumer electronics manufacturers and IT service providers, and provided a grand stage for insight into the latest technology trends and most innovative products and services.

As China’s largest non-state owned telecom operator, Dr. Peng Telecom and Media Group comprehensively showcased the latest technological innovations at the exhibition, including home ultra-broadband, IoT, unified communications, smart home, video entertainment, and cloud network. “Open-NCloud Platform”, as Dr. Peng’s innovative service brand, presented the theme of “Cloud Network Integration to Change the Communications World” to global users.

CES 2017

The global cloud computing market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. According to Gartner, the total size of the global "cloud migration" in 2016 is expected to have reached $111 billion; by 2020 this figure will increase to $216 billion and IT spending will exceed $1 trillion. With more and more applications running in the cloud and the surge in mobile data traffic brought about by mobile trends, enterprises have developed more intense needs for cross-regional, cross-data center and cross-cloud connections. But at this stage, the basic network’s support for distributed applications has become a key bottleneck that constraints the efficient delivery of cloud services. The resources between cloud applications and basic networks are relatively scattered and fragmented, and lack unified management and dispatch mechanism. Meanwhile, the traditional network structure is too rigid, lacks flexibility, and faces many obstacles in response to rapidly changing customer demands for Internet applications.

Open-NCloud Platform is dedicated to help enterprise customers break through the cloud application delivery bottleneck, and resolve key issues such as efficient large-scale deployments of cloud applications and prompt build-outs of cross-domain networks through technological innovations. Open-NCloud Platform adheres to the innovative concept of “Launching the global cloud, where service meets demand”, utilizing software-defined methods to quickly build a smart, flexible, and secure global cloud network for users.

Open-NCloud Platform is based on Dr. Peng’s global optic fiber backbone network and 20 core data centers—16 of which are disaster-recovery grade—as well as the global submarine cable network, and incorporates core technologies such as SDN, NFV, and OpenStack to construct a globally interconnected network. Open-NCloud Platform will construct more than 300 high-security cloud network nodes and more than 3000 high-reliability access nodes across the globe to achieve cross-regional, cross-cloud SD-WAN network interoperability, and effectively enhance the operational network’s management and flexibility. In line with Dr. Peng’s “Global Home Network Operator” strategy for the next five years, Open-NCloud Platform will serve as the next generation “cloud-native” network platform to support Dr. Peng’s businesses in home IoT, video entertainment, unified communication, home security, etc. while simultaneously providing enterprise customers with complete access to the full network.

Three Cloud Network Product Lines Command the Spotlight at CES 2017

Three Cloud Network

Open-NCloud platform delivers exemplary, smart, flexible, and secure integration services that are designed to help enterprise customers resolve the many problems caused by separation of cloud and network resources. The platform enables enterprises to flexibly schedule cloud and network resources online, under the premise of zero change to the original IT structure, which in turn helps enterprises rapidly build carrier-grade network connections. The platform also supports flexible service strategy and provides adjustable bandwidth and QoS level billing modes, which allow for flexible service scalability and demand-based resource allocation. In terms of security, Open-NCloud platform supports data security through IPSec tunneling and secure access technology such as VxLAN tunnels, and achieves intelligent path selection based on application awareness through DPI detection technology.

At this year's CES, Open-NCloud was first to showcase a line of innovative cloud services, including Open-NCloud Enterprise Connect, Open-NCloud DCI and Open-NCloud Managed Enterprise Cloud.

Open-NCloud Enterprise Connect provides logical networking services based on SD-WAN technology, and ensures interconnection of enterprise intranet with technology such as dynamic routing, while ensuring security and privacy for enterprises with branch offices and chain stores. It is designed to help enterprises solve the problem of high latency, poor quality, low efficiency and high cost of inter-area access in enterprise applications, and enables enterprise users to flexibly open and change network bandwidth per business requirements and quickly establish internal networks.

Open-NCloud DCI provides high-speed dedicated services for enterprise IT systems, such as deployment across data centers, data exchange between hotspots within the same city, and remote disaster recovery. It features fast, secure, reliable, and flexible deployments, adjusts bandwidth per business needs, and supports a wide range of flexible billing methods.

Open-NCloud Enterprise Cloud provides a one-stop solution for enterprise customers who seek rapid deployment and delivery of cloud applications and composes of cloud hosting, cloud disk, BGP access, cloud load balancing, virtual private cloud, cloud routing and other subservices. It features flexible deployment, high stability, high security and high availability, and delivers integrated cloud-to-cloud services to customers, enabling organizations to rapidly deploy computing power for the best possible service experience.

In addition to the three major product lines, Open-NCloud will focus on enterprise information, IoT, video application scenarios, as well as the financial, medical, education, and manufacturing industries in the first quarter of 2017, to release innovative cloud integration solutions.

Dr. Peng’s Open-NCloud platform has changed the pattern of IT communications, making every dollar that enterprises invest more valuable. In the year to come, Dr. Peng will continue to stand by its customers with innovative one-stop solutions.