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Dr. Peng Promotes Global Home Network Operator Strategy; Network Covers 10 Million Families

News & Events Thursday, 17 November 2016 18:51

2016 World Internet Conference

On November 16th, at the third year of World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, Dr. Peng releases its global home network operator strategy, and will join video service providers BBC, Time Warner, Comcast, and BesTV to discuss home internet and media ecosystem build out.

Dr. Peng announced that home internet will take center stage in deployment of the global home carrier strategy. The company will provide a fifth play-enabled home service to include ultra broadband, unified communication, video entertainment, home security, and smart home solution.

Dr. Peng’s global cloud network platform has the backing of the group’s global fiber-optic backbone network, more than 20 core data centers, 16 disaster recovery data centers, along with open-source technology such as SDN, NFV, and OpenStack to construct 300+ high-security cloud nodes and 3000+ high-reliability access nodes worldwide. This platform has the advantage of high security, all-terminal, cross-platform, and seamless access to the network. Regardless of location, users are automatically matched to the most optimal connection node to ensure worldwide network connectivity.

Along with the development of IoT, family users want their homes to be more smart and more secure, which is why Dr. Peng, while actively promoting an ultra-broadband fixed network, has put forward an idea of constructing a LoRa home IoT ecosystem. Adopting LoRa technologies will allow for a more open community networking model that requires lower power consumption and cost. Since Dr.Peng’s metropolitan area network has achieved home and community network coverage, LoRa has been able to fulfill the following: services such as smart parking, smart trash cans, green space management, and smart quality testing of street lamps, soil, air, and water to the community through small base stations; other services such as the control of smart water meters, smart electric meters, smart refrigerators, air conditioning, door locks, etc., the inspection of doors, windows, natural gas, and the monitoring of elders and children.

In the era of big data, tourism, transportation, finance, and all other industries are generating data, but industrial vertical data analyses create limited impact and hold little commercial value; network carriers on the other hand, have extensive customer resources and accurate comprehensive data. Dr. Peng’s big data platform has proposed that home carriers could rely on their massive sources of big data, incorporated with corresponding technology, to extract and analyze useful information. This will allow network services to see quality improvements and create greater value through interdisciplinary cooperation.

A “smart home” service industry chain that is based on a comprehensive integration of Dr. Peng’s cloud network, backbone network, and IoT will establish a strong network of communication channels between smart mobile devices within the household, while providing families with high-quality ultra-broadband access services.

As of this September, Dr.Peng has provided network coverage for over 100 million families, 300 million population, with 14 million online users in China, North America, Europe, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Dr. Peng saw an increase of users by 86% in the 3rd quarter of 2016, rising to China’s 4th largest carrier.

In terms of internet television, Dr. Peng has set up a global OTT operating platform to enable customized services through big data mining algorithms. The group is in partnership with CNTV and GITV licenses and has integrated content providers such as iQiyi, QQ film, etc. Its OTT device Damai box is geared towards the overseas Chinese market, providing users with fascinating video contents. Damai box has seen rapid development domestically and overseas, especially in the North America market, and has over 5 million users, as of today.