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Great Wall Mobile's Peng Roaming SIM Debutes in Seoul's Lotte Duty Free

News & Events Saturday, 17 September 2016 00:47

Peng Roaming SIM Debutes

Lotte Duty Free is the hottest retail store in Korea serving international tourists. Due to its prime location in Myeong-dong Seoul, Lotte Duty Free flagship store carries wide varieties of merchandise, serving more than 3 million Chinese tourists annually. It has become the top shopping destination among Chinese tourists, with strong brand influence and appeal in both China and South Korea market. Therefore, vendors who target Chiniese tourists view Myeong-dong Lotte Duty Free as the ultimate distribution channel.

In 2015, Dr. Peng Group's subsidiary launched its Great Wall Mobile's Peng Roaming SIM in Korea. After just one year, Peng Roaming SIM had overtaken 70% of the wireless market share for Chinese tourists in Korea, with its comprehensive features, price, quality of service. The demands and praise from tourists and tourism industry attracted attention from Lotte Duty Free top management.

Peng Roaming SIM Debutes

The Great Wall Mobile South Korean subsidiary and Lotte, finally reached an agreement in early September. Lotte will bulk purchase the Peng travel card as free gifts to tourists who shop at its stores. This is the first time in history for Lotte to use telecommunication products as gifts for customers. The first purchase was ten thousand cards, and was officially distributed on September 14th by the Myeong-dong store for Mid Autumn Festival. Subsequently, Peng Roaming SIM will be sold in all Lotte Duty Free stores.

Peng Roaming SIM Debutes

Lotte highly valued this Autumn Festival promotion, and created multiple signages prominently displayed throughout the shop, from the first floor entrance to the 9th floor. At the same time, a Great Wall Mobile customer service desk was set up. On the first day of the event, more than 2,000 Peng Roaming SIMs were given out, and more than 500 customers were serviced by the customer service desk.