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Dr. Peng Dressed in "Red" at the NAB Show Las Vegas

News & Events Friday, 22 April 2016 22:11

TV Connect 2016 London

The 2016 annual National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show) was held on April 18th at Las Vegas Convention Center where digitalization, internet transport, and smart features were the exhibition highlights for the media and broadcasting industry this year. Dr. Peng Group unveiled its red and white minimalist exhibition design and stood out from the cluttered exhibition.

TV Connect 2016 London

One of the spotlight features at the exhibition was Dr. Peng Group’s PCloud Video Conferencing solution. On site, there was a live feed set up between Las Vegas and Beijing, allowing users to experience the full HD video interactions of the two locations, or virtual meetings.

Also featured were Dr. Peng Group’s Damai set-top-box and its unique 3.0 UI, and the Damai Gigabit Router, along with the OTT back office for service operators, Damai Cloud Gaming, and PCloud EDU.

TV Connect 2016 London