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Data Center Turnkey Solution

Dr. Peng provides enterprises with a turnkey solution that vanquishes space, technology, and connectivity constraints.
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Turnkey Data Center Customized Build-out


We want you to be able to focus on business development and expansion while we take care of the rest. Dr. Peng offers a customized one-stop solution for data center build outs and is an experienced pioneer in providing our customers with the network-rich data center that is specially tailored to their needs, streamlining what we proudly call the “Dr. Peng Way”. Whether your enterprise is big or small, we have just the data center you need to manage deployments and scale vertically and horizontally.


Starting off in a new, unfamiliar environment can be risky, which is why you can rely on Dr. Peng to provide you with detailed compliance support to region-specific regulations and standards, thorough analyses of local laws and policies, and assistance with acquiring mandatory utilities such as sufficient power supply, fire suppression, and water usage. We will help you to manage the unexpected.



Your data center is future-proof from day one.

We place great emphasis on site selection, power usage and analysis, and infrastructure and systems implementation to reduce cost and complexity while matching evolving business dynamics.


Our engineering, procurement, and construction are placed under strict inspection and evaluation to ensure that every step of the process, from material and equipment sourcing to project commissioning, follows uncompromising standards of security, quality, and efficiency.



Dr. Peng utilizes outstanding high-density services and solutions to assess and support flawless system maintenance, security management, and capacity expansion, so that every aspect is under control and performing accurately and consistently.

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